Nikon 85mm f2 AIS – SOLD


An excellent choice as your first telephoto lens. The original version of this Nikkor telephoto lens, can be dated back to Nikon rangefinder days, carried with it a rich and colorful background in the course of development of Nikon 35mm photographic system. I remembered once there was a gentleman wrote me a mail to protest and claimed I didn’t featured this lens truthfully in an earlier attempt to create an article relates to this lens and he commented my ignorance as this Nikkor lens is one “best hidden secret” among the many lenses you can find in the Nikkor lens family. I cannot argue too much, because generally speaking, virtually all telephoto lenses in the Nikkor lens family are capable of delivering top rated optical excellence and they are usually also have excellent built quality. I have never doubt the Nikkor 85mm f/2.0 here is capable of matching any other top rated telephoto lenses produced by Nikon or even compared to lenses made by rivaling brands in delivering top notch optical results.

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