Nikon F Photomic FTN + Nikkor 55mm f1.2 (excellent condition)


The Nikon F camera, introduced in April 1959, was Nikon’s first SLR camera. It was one of the most advanced cameras of its day.

The Nikon F was enormously successful and showed the superiority of the SLR and of the Japanese camera manufacturers. It was the first SLR system to be adopted and used seriously by the general population of professional photographers, especially by those photographers covering the Vietnam War, and those news photographers using motor-driven Nikon Fs with 250-exposure backs to record the various launches of the space capsules in the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs, all in the 1960s. After the introduction of the Nikon F the more expensive rangefinder cameras (those with focal plane shutters) became less attractive.


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