Nikon FE (excellent condition) SOLD


  • ightweight and compact (about 400 grams, 14 X 9 X 5.5 cms without lens)
  • interchangeable focusing screens
  • depth-of-field preview
  • mirror lockup using self-timer
  • shutter release locked when lever is pushed in all the way over body
  • both shutter speeds and aperture visible in viewfinder; neither intrudes on picture area
  • lever to disconnect film wind for in-register multiple exposures
  • accepts MD-11 or MD-12 motor drive allowing continuous firing up to 3.5 frames/second, remote control
  • 60/40 center-weighted TTL metering, match-needle or aperture-priority automatic, +/- 2 stops exposure compensation, ASA 12-4800, exposure lock by pressing self-timer lever towards lensmount.
  • finder lacks exposure compensation indicator
  • meter turns on when advance lever pulled away from body, stays on until lever is returned
  • shutter speeds 8 sec to 1/1000 plus B and Automatic. 1/90 without battery
  • accepts AI and later lenses; pre-AI lenses in stop-down metering mode only
  • FLASH synch at 1/125
  • battery check light
  • accepts both standard or older (and more secure) Nikon F-style cable releases
  • hot-shoe on prism. No TTL flash metering, but readylight shows in viewfinder when using dedicated flash units.

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