Voigtlander Vitessa A version 5 (excellent condition) – SOLD


The Vitessa was an innovative 35mm folding rangefinder camera made by Voigtländer in the 1950s. The folding bed was replaced by a barn-door assembly, the focusing was operated by the user’s right thumb via a wheel on the back of the top plate, with a distance dial (and depth-of-field scale) set into the top plate. The film advance and shutter cocking were operated with a large plunger rod pointing out of the top plate, that could be retracted when the camera was folded.

Vitessa shows a superb, almost Leica M3 quality fit and finish, uses Exposure Value settings, a system popular in the 1950’s. Its design and mechanics are unique in its class, like Voigtlander Prominent’s unique design. Voigtlander Vitessa L is the most elegant 35mm Folder camera. The Vitessa range has several versions and models. There are several nicknames of Vitessa, eg. in German it was called the Leuchtturm, means The Lighthouse named after the unique plunger rod.

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