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Fujica ST705 + Fujinon 55 f1.8 lens (M42 mount). Excellent condition – SOLD


  • 35mm film camera.
  • Mechanical shutter.
  • M42 mount.
  • Manual wind-on, rewind, exposure and focusing.

The Fujica ST705 is a fully-manual single-lens reflex camera first produced in 1976, using a slightly modified variation of the 42mm screw lens mount.

The ST705 has center-weighted, through-the-lens, open aperture metering, activated by a half-press of the shutter button. Fuji lenses have a mechanical coupling between the lens and the camera body that permits this. There is a needle in the viewfinder that indicates over- and under-exposure.

The camera’s cloth focal-plane shutter has an unusual top speed of 1/1500 sec, then 1/1000, then down to a second in one-stop decrements. The flash sync speed is 1/60.

The standard lens for the ST705 is a Fujinon 55mm f/1.8 in the 42mm screw mount (M42). Nearly all M42 lenses will work on it, but most (non-Fuji) lenses will not permit open-aperture metering. To meter with a lens that does not have the aperture coupling, one depresses the DOF preview button while metering. (Open-aperture metering is also available with TX-system lenses from Vivitar or Tamron Adaptall-2 lenses, if a Fujica-ST-specific M42 mount adapter is obtained.)

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