Olympus trip 35 (silver shutter button version)


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Beautifully refurbished, these are the original Trips built from 1968 up to the mid 1970’s. They have been fully serviced and have new light seals. The light meter and red flag (low light warning) works and the camera has no dents. The lens is free from marks, scratches and fungus. Supplied with a 12 month warranty.

Earlier Trips have a silver shutter button; later models have black buttons. Inside the camera there are a number of differences, as the camera evolved over time, parts were made from different materials. Earlier models are a fraction heavier because of the components. Early models tend to be a little more expensive due to their being harder to find in good working order. Both models are built to last though and will produce the same excellent results.

The Zuiko 40mm f2.8 lens is famous for being sharp. The camera has 2 shutter speeds – 1/40 and 1/200. Simple to use, fully automatic exposure and a simple zone focus, these cameras were built to last and need no batteries.


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