Pentax LX + 50mm f1.7 SMC (excellent condition) – SOLD


The Pentax LX is a 35 mm Single-lens reflex camera produced by Pentax in Japan introduced in 1980 and a production run that spanned until 2001. The LX lens mount is known as Pentax K mount which is the proprietary bayonet mount. Also available is an adapter that allow the use of almost all Pentax 35 mm format lenses, those made before 1975 using a screw-mount adapter with no direct functionality to the meter index link, instead, metering is accomplished with the “stop-down” method. It is the top-of-the-line “professional” or “system” camera in the Pentax manual focus range. Compared to contemporary professional bodies from most rival manufacturers, like the Canon F-1 or Nikon F3, the LX body is much smaller and lighter, weighing in at 570 grams (20 ounces) with standard FA-1 finder.

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